Creative Print Design And Event Marketing

How to design your own promotional material like a pro!

Tickets and Badges offers several sizes of badge/pass, ticket, flyer and poster templates in our design tool, with either a vertical/landscape or horizontal/portrait layout. You can choose to leave the back blank or design it as well at an extremely affordable price. We also offer you the ability to upload your own completed artwork (we give you ... [ more ]

Why does Tickets and Badges use 10 mil lamination?

Lamination film and laminating pouches are both made from polyester and adhesive, but lamination pouches have a higher polyester to adhesive ratio than lamination film. There are a lot more finishes, thicknesses and types of roll lamination film versus lamination pouches. Film offers a lot more variety whereas pouches usually only come in 3, 5, ... [ more ]

Are Ticketmaster customers getting stiffed again?

Last weekend, approximately 50 million customers received email notifications of free tickets and discount codes. But In today's news, just a few short days after the notifications were sent, Ticketmaster fans are already outraged over the limited events being offered to settle the claim according to the New York Daily News. Is this a big ... [ more ]