How to design your own promotional material like a pro!

Designing promotional materials on any device.

Tickets and Badges offers several sizes of badge/pass, ticket, flyer and poster templates in our design tool, with either a vertical/landscape or horizontal/portrait layout. You can choose to leave the back blank or design it as well at an extremely affordable price. We also offer you the ability to upload your own completed artwork (we give you the specifications in our instructions/documentation, that can be found at the footer of our pages or while you are using the design app by clicking on the help button (?)). Not only that, but our printing prices beat our major competitors by at least 10%!

Some of our tickets and badges.

And while the very few websites offering design your own services are clumsy and offer few options, our design app gives you the tools to design your own promotional products in a more flexible and user friendly way giving you a professional and unique end product that matches the quality of expensive image editing software that would take months or maybe even years to master. And for the more technically adventurous, our additional “advanced” picture editing features offer you a wide array of filters and effects that can be applied in a few short clicks.

One of the most awesome features is our generous library of images and vector (scalable) shapes and textures that can be filled with color. We have many common themes with our images, for all types of venues - from music to weddings. Not seeing what you need in our library? Upload your own images from any device, or your own Facebook and Instagram accounts! We have an array of fonts to choose from which also can be sized and colored to fit your needs. Let us know if you have suggestions for our library or have images you would like to share with us in our library.

Should you have any questions that are not easily answered in our handy instructions, feel free to hit us up for some assistance. And of course, we also offer full graphic design services so you do not have to do anything but give us your instructions on how you want your end product to look while still saving on your printing needs. That's how we roll.

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