Why does Tickets and Badges use 10 mil lamination?

A laminating machine for film rolls

Lamination film and laminating pouches are both made from polyester and adhesive, but lamination pouches have a higher polyester to adhesive ratio than lamination film. There are a lot more finishes, thicknesses and types of roll lamination film versus lamination pouches. Film offers a lot more variety whereas pouches usually only come in 3, 5, 7, or 10 mil with very little choices in finish.

Lamination film rolls and lamination pockets.

Thickness: The term "mil" refers to total measurement of polyester and adhesive within one layer of film, in thousandths of an inch (0.001").

  • 1.5 Mil – Student grade, economical and often used in schools
  • 1.7 Mil – Highly flexible
  • 3 Mil – A decent amount of protection for flexible objects that are infrequently handled
  • 5 Mil – Used for things like restaurant menus. Sturdy and can withstand moderate usage along with scoring and folding.
  • 7 Mil – A popular thickness for documents not needing to last that long.
  • 10 Mil – Similar to the thickness of a credit card, super durable and can withstand frequent handling, which makes it perfect for projects like ID badges and event passes.
  • 15 Mil – This thickness is sometimes used for textured laminating film or for adhering marketing materials to floors during high traffic events.

Laminating film comes in rolls. Tickets and Badges laminates both both sides with 10 mil super thick and glossy film making our badges amazingly solid, durable and when finished, 30 mil thick! Your employee badges and event passes can be used repeatedly, not only for employee identification, but say for a band on tour where their staff and backstage guests can use the same passes repeatedly while still maintaining the look of a new badge. They resist moisture, so can easily be wiped clean again and again with mild soap and water. This saves the need for repurchasing throughout a long running venue.

What is film laminating?

The machine used for film lamination has two laminating rolls, a top and bottom. Film rolls are placed on the spools of the laminating machine with the adhesive sides facing each other. Printed stock is placed between the two layers of film and sealed as they travel through while heat is applied, then passing through rubber rollers to apply pressure and bond the film with the printed stock between the layers of film fusing together. Once cooled, the project is trimmed to size and then given a slot hole punch to accommodate either the swivel-hook or bulldog clip attachment on our economy or premium lanyards. You can request that your badges and passes not be slot hole punched if you plan to use them for your pin pouches.

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